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The Avondale Neighborhood Association (ANA) is thrilled to have been selected for the “On to 2050: CMAP Local Technical Assistance Program”. With support from our neighbors, community stakeholders, and City Council Members, ANA hopes to preserve the community while meeting the needs of all its residents. The Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP) is an award winning regional planning organization that aims to address transportation, housing, economic development, and other quality-of-life concerns of the city.

The Proposal

ANA’s proposal requested an assessment of the Kennedy Expressway, Belmont Avenue and North Kimball Avenue intersection that would include the Kennedy Plaza and Belmont Blue Line Station. Additionally, the comprehensive plan must:

  • Articulate a shared vision for the community for where and what developments is desired;

  • Promote the retention and development of affordable housing, maintain a wide diversity of businesses;

  • Promote safe and sustainable transportation options including pedestrian, bicycling, and mass transit;

  • Address issues of storm water and open space

CMAP will provide staff assistance to complete this planning process. The neighborhood plan provides policy direction in the areas of land use, economic development, housing, mobility, sustainability, and building capacity and partnerships. It recommends policies to help residents and stakeholders address identified opportunities.

Steering Committee

CMAP and ANA are ready to begin the planning process and develop a comprehensive Neighborhood Plan for Avondale. CMAP will look to the steering committee to provide assistance throughout the planning process in engaging local stakeholders. The Planning process consists of five phases to be completed over 24 months with guidance from a project steering committee made up of stakeholders in the community. With general questions, email:

Steering Committee Tasks

Review Existing Conditions

  • CMAP staff will present the findings of the Existing Conditions Report to the Steering Committee. The

    timing of this meeting and the delivery of the Existing Conditions Report will depend on outcomes and

    timing of the community outreach to be conducted at the outset of the process.

Visioning Workshop and Focus Groups

  • A visioning workshop and Focus Groups will be conducted, where residents and stakeholders of

    Avondale are invited to discuss their vision for the community as a whole. It is anticipated that this

    workshop will either be an intensive, half-day event or a series of two smaller workshops held at various

    locations at different times.

Key Recommendations Review

  • CMAP will conduct a meeting with the Steering Committee to discuss preliminary recommendations and

    implementation strategies.

Review of Draft Plan

  • CMAP will conduct a meeting with the Steering Committee to discuss the draft plan and any revisions

    desired by the ANA and Steering Committee. The draft plan will be revised as appropriate before being

    presented to the general public and other stakeholders.

Community Open House

  • CMAP will host an open house to present the draft plan in the summer of 2023. With ANA assistance,

    there may be potential to host multiple open house events and varied locations.

Plan Approval

  • Following a review period where community input on the draft plan is gathered, CMAP will conduct a

    meeting with the Steering Committee to review the final plan document. The Steering Committee will

    then vote to approve the Neighborhood Plan.

ANA is Looking for CMAP Volunteers

Volunteers will have various roles as a member of the steering committee. From participating in public events –acting as table facilitators, presenters, or other support roles during public workshops; disseminating information about public meetings to their community networks; identifying, and on occasion inviting participants for focus groups; and additional support and advice as needed. The steering committee’s full participation in this process is vital to the success of the plan.

Interested in learning how to get involved? Email

ANA Is Asking For Your Support!

ANA has a goal to raise $9,000! Funds raised will go towards the assessment and design of a neighborhood plan for Avondale . The comprehensive plan will be used to guide recommendations for future developments in the area. Please consider supporting the Avondale Neighborhood Association and the future of our neighborhood. Thank you in advance for your continuous support.


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